Meta Quest Pro prototype in hotel room

Credit: Shutterstock

The upcoming Meta Quest Pro was leaked on Facebook after a hotel worker discovered that a pre-production unit had been left behind.

A hotel worker has taken possession of a Meta Quest Pro pre-production unit, currently dubbed 'Project Cambria' by the company.

Scheduled to release later this year, Project Cambria's name was previously leaked as Meta Quest Pro.

we can clearly see the new cameras that will provide inside-out tracking for things like movement.

You can even incorporate comfortable seating. Who says a workspace has to be all work and no play?

They have been superseded by the new multitude of cameras that are attached to the outside of the headphones and controllers.

Meta has managed to reduce the size of the headset due to the change of lenses.

Meta recently raised the price of Meta Quest 2, claiming that the company needed to do so in order to continue investing in the metaverse.

The rising cost of Quest 2 will be followed by the Meta Quest Pro price of about $800.

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