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A general dismissed by Putin found dead in an alleged suicide

A general dismissed by Putin

A general dismissed by Putin found dead in an alleged suicide

The former general of the Russian Police, Vladimir Makarov -72 years old-, has appeared dead of alleged suicide, according to La Razón. He was tasked with overseeing the Russian crackdown on the activities of opposition protesters while serving as deputy head of the Russian Police’s anti-extremism unit. At the end of January, he was fired by Putin, who described him as an “organizer of the ‘hunt’ of opposition activists.” According to confirmed police sources, the general’s body was found in his house last Monday, and the cause of death was suicide.

A general dismissed by Putin


The Latvian Ministry of Finance announced on Wednesday that the government of the Baltic country is preparing to allow the delivery to the Ukrainian authorities of vehicles that have been confiscated from drunk drivers. This proposal has arisen after a change in Latvian laws that allows these drivers to impound cars more easily. Now the State Revenue Agency (SRS) will ask the government that those “fit for circulation” be donated to the Ukrainian authorities.

NATO ASKS BELARUS TO ‘STOP‘. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Wednesday called on Belarus to end its “complicity” in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “Belarus continues to host and support the Russian forces. We call on Belarus to end its complicity in the war,” the Norwegian politician declared. Likewise, he also took the opportunity to continue supporting Ukraine, since Putin is not giving “signals” of preparing for peace but, on the contrary, is “launching new offensives and targeting civilians, cities and critical infrastructure.”

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GERMANY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEND ALL THE LEOPARD 2 IT WANTED. The Teutons were counting on being able to send a full battalion of Leopard 2s to Ukraine, but this will not be possible, according to their defense minister Boris Pistorius. In any case, the German minister considered that the delivery of the Leopards is on the right track and that his Ukrainian counterpart, Oleksii Reznikov, was “satisfied” on Tuesday during his meeting with the allies.

UKRAINE KNOCKS DOWN SEVERAL BALLOONS OVER Kyiv. Six balloons classified as “enemy objects” have been shot down in the airspace of the Ukrainian capital, which could have been “moved by the force of the wind”, according to anti-aircraft defenses. These could be equipped with surveillance equipment and would have the purpose of gathering information on Ukrainian anti-aircraft defenses, as well as “depleting” them, according to the Kyiv Military Administration.

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UKRAINE ACCUSES RUSSIA OF EMPTYING THE KAJVOKA RESERVOIR. Ukraine has accused the Kremlin of ecological terrorism. Supposedly, the Soviets would have taken it upon themselves to drastically lower the water level of the Kajkova reservoir, which could have had a severe impact on the country’s agriculture and ecology. This stretches along 230 kilometers of the Dnipro River, the longest in all of Ukraine. Its function is vital since it supplies water to 3.5 million inhabitants in the south of the country a relatively dry region.

PORTUGAL AWARDS ZELENSKI THE ORDER OF LIBERTY. The President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, confirmed this Wednesday that he is going to award his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodímir Zelenski, with the Grand Cross of the Order of Liberty. The initiative was proposed on Tuesday “in recognition of the courage shown in defense of freedom, human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Ukraine and Europe.” This recognition thus distinguishes the “relevant services in defense of the values of civilization, in favor of the dignity of the human person and the cause of freedom.”

SWEDEN ‘CONFIRMS’ UKRAINE AS A MEMBER OF THE EU. The Prime Minister of Sweden, Ulf Kristersson, confirmed on Wednesday that Ukraine is conceived as a country of the European Union. Likewise, the Swedish leader has taken advantage of the official visit to Kyiv to confirm his support for the Ukrainians: “Sweden will continue to offer all possible support.”

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A GENERAL DISMISSED BY PUTIN WAS FOUND DEAD. Russian General Vladimir Makarov has been found dead, aged 72, in what appears to be a suicide, Russian media reports. Makarov led Russian police operations to control and suppress demonstrations by groups opposed to the government but was ousted by President Vladimir Putin a month ago. Makarov’s body was found in his house on the outskirts of Moscow. According to his relatives, the general fell into a deep depression after his dismissal.

AT LEAST 2% OF GDP FOR DEFENSE. Jens Stoltenberg also affirmed this Wednesday that the new objective of the allies for military spending should be at least 2% of their GDP, given the pressing needs that the Atlantic Alliance is facing, including the war in Ukraine, the terrorism, or the challenges of China. “We need the immediate commitment to spend at least 2% because when we see the needs for ammunition, air defense, training, availability or high capacities, it is obvious that investing 2% is the minimum,” Stoltenberg said at a press conference. at the end of a two-day meeting of allied defense ministers. At that meeting, the 30 allies began to assess what their new defense spending target could be to formally approve it at the summit to be held by the Alliance leaders in July in Vilnius.

A WAR OF ATTRITION”. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has assured that the war in Ukraine is turning into a “war of attrition” in which logistics is playing an increasingly decisive role. “A war of attrition is a logistical war”, he pointed out, to advocate accelerating the supply of weapons and material to Kyiv: “We have to intensify it even more because there is a great need to provide ammunition to Ukraine”, he said. He has also underlined the importance that Ukraine can advance its counter-offensive and “recapture territory” lost, as well as “launch offensives”.

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