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Apple works on cheaper mixed-reality glasses that could arrive in 2024

Apple works on cheaper mixed-reality glasses

The device would have a price similar to that of an iPhone

Apple is determined to bet big on technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality. Before the end of 2023.

The company will begin to market its first mixed reality glasses, with which it will begin to compete in the field of hardware with companies like Meta.

According to ‘The Information’, which has consulted people familiar with Apple’s plans, the Apple firm is also working on developing a viewer of this class that would be much more affordable for the average user.

Something that will surely help the next great line of apple toys -the one that, over the years, could replace the iPhone- have a greater acceptance when the launch arrives.

According to analysts and leakers, everything indicates that Apple’s first viewer, which will have virtual reality and augmented reality features, will be overpriced, leaving it out of reach for a large part of the population.

Apple works on cheaper mixed-reality glasses

The cost of the ‘gadget’ is between 2,000 and 3,000 dollars. The price will be somewhat higher taking into account the traditional difference in cost between Apple devices marketed in the United States and outside the borders of the North American country.

It is anticipated that this alternate model, which is made with less expensive components, would cost somewhere between $800 and $1,600; or, at least, that is what the American corporation is now planning. This price would be comparable to what the company’s mobile phones already have.

The resolution of the viewfinder, the autonomy, or the chip that this version incorporates will be more modest than those of the most ambitious glasses.

According to ‘Bloomberg’, Apple’s first viewer could be presented during the inaugural conference of the next event for software developers from the Apple firm, WWDC, which is traditionally held in June.

This medium also recently pointed out that the economic version of the glasses could begin to be marketed between 2024 and 2025.

A model to compete with Meta

In principle, Apple planned to market its first glasses in 2023. In a couple of years, in 2025, it would be the turn of a much more discreet viewer, almost similar to normal glasses, which would exclusively incorporate augmented reality functionalities. The brand would launch its first contact lenses of this type by the decade.

If Apple’s plans come to fruition and the brand ends up putting a more affordable viewer in stores by 2024, the company will have better cards to compete with Meta. 

The technology company currently betting the strongest to democratize this type of technology. That is key to the construction of that metaverse in which Zuckerberg has blind faith.

It is expected that companies such as Google or Microsoft will begin to compete with new and ambitious devices in the coming years.

Although Apple points out that the word metaverse is not convincing, in practice, everything indicates that the firm directed by Tim Cook pursues a similar objective to Meta:

The democratization of solutions and viewers allows the user to interact in a more immersive way with the Internet.

Even though for the moment, the company owned by Mark Zuckerberg has only lost money in its bid to build the new virtual world, the big technology companies continue to be clear that the future, at least at a technological level and in terms of business, goes through there.

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