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Bill Gates: “ChatGPT will change the world”

ChatGPT will change the world"

Bill Gates: “ChatGPT will change the world”

The introduction of ChatGPT may herald a revolution comparable to what the internet represented in its early years. Bill Gates, a well-known Microsoft co-founder, made this statement a few days after the tech giant revealed that it will include an artificial intelligence (AI) capability into its services.

ChatGPT will change the world"

“Up until recently, AI was able to read and write, but not comprehend. Many office tasks will become more productive thanks to new software like ChatGPT that assists with letter or invoice writing. This is going to alter the globe, “He stated in an interview with the German financial journal Handelsblatt, which was just published.

ChatGPT is a text generator created by the OpenAI company that uses AI to chat with users, but is also capable of answering all kinds of questions, summarizing texts, imitating literary styles, or composing music. This high capacity has aroused a wave of fascination and just two months after its launch it has 100 million unique users per month, making it the fastest growing consumer application in history.

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Business career

The business battle for artificial intelligence is started with ChatGPT.
Microsoft has long been invested in this developing market. It made a $1 billion investment in OpenAI in 2019. The firm declared in mid-January that it will increase its investment by an additional 10,000 million dollars in order to acquire 49% of the OpenAI developer company. It made a clear attempt to compete in a field that Google has long controlled by presenting the integration of these AI tools into its Bing search engine and Edge browser on Monday.

The introduction of text-generating AIs has sparked a competitive race among technology companies to be the first to establish a market with multimillion dollar growth potential. Microsoft appears to have positioned itself at the front of a battle that also includes Alphabet (owner of Google, Youtube, and Facebook), Meta (owner of Facebook and Instagram), and other titans like Chinese Baidu by taking part in OpenAI.

However, due to the significant changes that the adoption of systems like ChatGPT might bring about across many industries, they have also given rise to considerable anxiety. The fact that AI-powered text generators still have difficulties and are able to combat lies by presenting them as factual, which might worsen into a disinformation problem, only serves to increase that anxiety. Without further ado, Google on Wednesday unveiled Bard, a chatbot, and during its presentation, it propagated false information. Shares of the corporation decreased by approximately 8%.

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