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Google invests 500 million dollars in the next rival of ChatGPT

Google invests 500 million dollars

Google invests 500 million dollars in the next rival of ChatGPT

ChatGPT could soon have a serious rival with a startup that has received a large sum of money from Google. A movement that places us before the next war of the AI ​​of the big technologies and the agreement with this startup conceived by former leaders of OpenAI.

Google invests 500 million dollars

Google is moving fast to incorporate the artificial intelligence seen in the ChatGPT language model into its search engine, and even making a major investment in a startup called Anthropic. This one is already running the pertinent tests before its chatbot with the clear intention of making it very difficult for OpenAI.

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Anthropic and its chatbot

Via Bloomberg, we know that Google has invested 400 million dollars in the artificial intelligence startup Anthropic. Neither has commented on this investment, but they have separately announced Anthropic’s use of Google’s cloud services.

This agreement carries with it the latest alliance between the tech giant and a startup dedicated to artificial intelligence in the field of generative AI; technology that can generate text and art in seconds.

This agreement carries with it a series of limitations. One is that it doesn’t force the startup to spend its funds on acquiring cloud services from Google. Everything is because artificial intelligence, since the arrival of OpenAI months ago with its ChatGPT, has completely removed the technology board.

One of the people who has participated in the agreement, and whose identity is being kept confidential, says that artificial intelligence has evolved from being academic research to one of the biggest current drivers in the field of digital and the technological.

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Capital investment by big tech is becoming the norm, as are their layoffs, and it is due to this war to have AI that is capable of changing everything or attracting enough to implement it in software, hardware, and other solutions that we will see shortly.

Microsoft itself increased the capital invested in OpenAI by 10,000 million weeks ago. In this way, the big technology companies also ensure that they are present on the front lines of the battle and thus attract the attention of these new startups.

CEO(Thomas Kurian ) of Google Cloud recently stated that the company’s cloud service is offering an open infrastructure for the next generation of AI-based startups. The same agreement with Anthropic is proof of this.

Who is behind Anthropic?

To find out why Anthropic may be the direct competitor of ChatGPT, we have to go back to its beginnings, a startup created in 2021 by some of the leaders who commanded OpenAI in its first steps.

Among them are Daniela and Dario Amodei, who is taking part in the first tests of this new chatbot called Claude that will rival the already popular ChatGPT.

These big technology companies have enormous resources in cloud computing to attract startups like Anthropic to their ranks to prepare new releases. In this agreement announced by Google and Anthropic and reported that the big G will be in charge of lending all those resources and chips based on AI so that the startup can use it to train and deploy as next products based on artificial intelligence.

When Claude becomes a reality and is tested by the public domain in the coming months. and of course, this agreement clearly shows that Google is moving very quickly so as not to lose a place on that board in which different AIs will face each other to become the perfect solution or at least the one that takes the next big step in technological evolution.

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