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‘Misused’ AI speech technology causes deep fakes to overwhelm an online forum

Misused' AI speech technology

‘Misused’ AI speech technology causes deep fakes to overwhelm an online forum

After discovering that their audio tool had been used to clone famous voices and make them spew racial and homophobic slurs, a British AI company said that it was reevaluating its “safeguards.”

Just days after releasing a sample version of the program, Eleven Labs stated in a tweet that it had been a “busy weekend” and that it had discovered “an increasing number of voice cloning abuse incidents.”

Misused' AI speech technology

The company withheld case specifics, but the internet forum 4chan was swamped with deep fakes of famous speakers spewing homophobic, misogynistic, and racial epithets.

In several of the messages, Eleven Labs was referenced. Some users claimed to have been blocked by the company, while others provided links to the tool’s sample version.

The Harry Potter film cast, Quentin Tarantino, and George Lucas were among the celebrities who sought therapy on the site, which is infamous for its harsh humor.

The voice cloning technique developed by Eleven Labs has been hailed as having “the potential to change content production, delivery, and user interaction across several businesses.”

The company created a video featuring actor Leonardo DiCaprio being voiced by several other famous people for their promotional materials.

The company said in a tweet that “further protections” were required but that their technology had been “overwhelmingly deployed to beneficial use.”

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It was thinking of strengthening account verifications or individually approving each clone request.

Large amounts of data, including images, audio, text, and videos, are used to train AI systems so they can predict what the user would want as an output.

ChatGPT, a text-based application, has become wildly popular due to its capacity to produce essays of a respectable caliber from only a few questions.

The potential of imaging tools like Dall-E 2 and Midjourney to produce intricate pictures in the manner of well-known painters threatens to upend the worlds of art and design.

However, skeptics have long raised concerns that cloning technology, particularly in audio and video, might result in a deluge of misinformation and deep fakes.

Additionally, several AI businesses are being sued by individuals who claim the corporations violated their copyright by utilizing their content as the basis for the AI models.

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