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The visual challenge of Ryan Reynolds on Instagram that you should not see if you are eating

The ‘Deadpool’ star has posed a challenge to promote the National Geographic documentary he will narrate.

Ryan Reynolds will be the narrator of the nature documentary Underdogs that National Geographic is preparing for its television channel.

It is a format that combines the usual images in animal documentaries with the actor’s sarcastic humor, which will treat the type of less showy creatures that are usually ignored or overlooked in other proposals of this style.

Ryan Reynolds on Instagram

“In Canada, there is a species of badger that subsists solely on red berry pie from the city of Saskatoon.

Of course, that’s a lie; but if it were true we would document it in Underdog”, the actor has written to publicize the spirit that the National Geographic documentary will have.

To promote his participation in Underdogs, Reynolds has posted a fragment on his Instagram profile where you can see a hippopotamus wagging its tail while bathing in a mud pool; all this at a very, very slow and rhythmic speed.

In the background, the actor’s voice poses a challenge to the viewers of the video. You can see it below:

Have you been able to overcome it? Reynolds encourages watching the video of the hippo without thinking that a fish is entering its anus.

A mental image that, we fear, once installed in your brain is impossible to dissociate from the harmonious video clip accompanied by a soft jazz melody.

At least we hope you weren’t eating while reading this news on your mobile.

When will ‘Underdogs’ premiere on National Geographic?


National Geographic plans to release Underdogs in 2025, which also prompts a series of jokes from Ryan Reynolds during the clip.

“Don’t you know they built the Empire State in just one year?” he exclaims. “And Disneyland”, adds in the background the voice of Blake Lively, his partner, whom the actor silences, reminding him that the voice-over of the narration has to be his own.

Maximum Effort, the producer of Ryan Reynolds and George Dewey, is also behind Underdogs.

With 2025 as the premiere horizon, the documentary would even come after the long-awaited third Deadpool film, which will coincide with Hugh Jackman reprising the role of Wolverine, and which will see the Merc with a Mouth joining the MCU in 2024.

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