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Effective tips for options trading India 2022

Effective tips for options trading India 2022

Effective tips for options trading India 2022

Many people want to do tips for options trading but lose all their money due to a lack of proper knowledge of option trading strategies. Today we will know all the tips for options trading for beginners so that the chances of you making a loss will be negligible.

In tips for options trading, we will buy both Call and Put options so that even when the market rises a lot, we get a profit, and even when the market falls, we can make more profit. For this, it is required to follow some conditions. By which you will be able to earn good profit.

Effective tips for options trading India 2022

Price of Call and Put Option Both Equal

To work on quantity and one index only

It is important to buy a put-off as many rupees as buying a call. Only then the investment value of both sides will be equal. For example- Bank Nifty if 34500 is running and you want to take away 500 rupees, then you have to make 35000 CALL and 34000 Put.

To work on quantity and one index only

If you buy Nifty’s Call, then you have to buy Nifty’s Put only. And also you have to buy Put in the same quantity as you buy Call. That is, both need to be equal.

Expiry of both should be the same

Whenever you buy Call and Put, its Expiry should be the same. It should not happen that one has been bought weekly, and the other is monthly. Also, keep in mind that both the options have been bought together.

Buying before Expiry

The number of days you buy before Expiry. Because on the day of expiry there is a drop in the highest premium. Due to this, you can also lose all the money in both options. That’s why you have to buy a few days before expiry.

The market should be volatile

The market should be very high and low. If the market is not very volatile, then the premium of the Call and Put option you bought will keep falling. It will hurt you from both sides. That’s why you should buy in the volatile market only.

Patience is Way to Profit

There are good trades, bad trades, win trades and lose trades. There will be good trades that turn into losses, and there will be bad trades that turn into profits. The important thing is to realize how much patience you have.

One area where stock traders and options traders can struggle is patience—they always feel the need to actively trade as it is important to be in the right trade at the right time, as much as patience for maximum success Increases the probability.

Patience in options trading is no different. If you don’t have a plan and trade carelessly, you make losses. But the right stock to come in with the setup can turn into a profit.

The difficulty is identifying the difference between good trades and bad trades. Once you start focusing on smart trading, you understand all these differences.

So if you are an option buyer then that time is your worst enemy because the longer you hold your option, the more the price of the option will go down. The propensity of an option buyer to make a profit is very low, so only enter a trade in which you are getting a good setup.

You will make a profit when the market goes up or down too much. You will make a profit either way. If the market grows then the call can be more than double yours. However, the price of Put will come down. Still, you will make a good profit. 

There is no limit to how much profit will be in Options Trading. But the loss will not be more than what you have invested.

Follow option trading strategies

Starting with less money

There is a lot of risk in Options Trading. Your money can be a big loss in a short time and also a good profit. You have to start with the least amount of money to learn first. So that even if there is a loss, it does not make much difference.

Never trade with a loan

No matter how much chance you have of making a profit. You never have to take a loan and invest in the stock market or options trading at all. There is a lot of risk in options trading. Your money can sink at any time. It can put you in a lot of trouble.

Do not do Option Trading on the advice of anyone

You do not have to do options trading with the tips given by someone. You prepare tips for options trading. When you have to leave, when to buy, it is better to stay away from the suggestions given by anyone.

You can earn a lot of money in a short time and can also cause a lot of loss. That’s why you should start with the least amount of money and stay away from greed. If you follow the given tips and keep learning then you will be able to earn good profits.

I hope you have understood option trading tips, and option trading strategies well. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this. Stay with us to stay updated with important news and news related to the share market.

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