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7 New Tech Gadgets 2022 You Can Buy

7 New Tech Gadgets 2022

7 New Tech Gadgets 2022 You Can Buy

We’ve showcased a lot of amazing devices on this article, but today’s article takes things a few steps further.

We talking about ten new extraordinary gadgets you can buy right now without regret. Stay tuned to the end of the article “7 New Tech Gadgets 2022”.

7 New Tech Gadgets 2022

1- Lodge Solar Powered Speakers 

A team of audio engineers who would love to extend the experience of quality audio outdoors came up with the Lodge speaker as the first truly wireless speaker created to live outside all year round. 

No, you don’t have to be worried about being affected by the rain or other weather conditions. 

The lodge is weatherproof coupled with 180 square inches of chip and shatterproof solar panels to keep charged. 

Unlike other speakers with similar audio quality, you don’t have to worry about plugging in to charge it. The built-in solar panel ensures it remains charged within a short time. 

You can free carry your speaker anywhere, and have immersive audio output. 

2- Cat loco

Cat Loco Featured on several platforms, Cat VR is ready to take VR to another level with these virtual reality gear. 

The designers created Logo as a foot-based VR Locomotion system that would give users total control of their lower body. 

Now you can physically control all activities such as jumping, running, or walking. 

Its small wireless sensors provide decoupled head and body directions while moving in different directions. 

Integrated with wireless connection capacities, you are expected to derive an ultimate user experience from each session. 

You can decide to switch control for navigation around the virtual world. Its battery is super durable and can last up to 10 hours on a single charge. That Loco costs $268. 

3- Segway Super Scooter 

Segway Super Scooter GT One Segway just introduced a Super Scooter that claims to be the perfect combination of speed, performance, and innovation you could ever ask for. 

Riders get to enjoy the ultimate riding experience by selecting from the six modes made available to take users from zero to 30 meters/hour. 

These sturdy frames, the powerful motor, and the suspension system. 

  • Its 1512 watt-hours high-performance battery coupled with a heat flux multilayer cooling system gives the Super Scooter the capacity to reach a range of up to 55.9 miles. And the full control is all yours. 
  • With the advanced braking system made with safety in mind, the Super Scooter was built with a 900 LM Led front light, Led daytime running light, and turning signal lights in the front and rear of the Scooter. 
  • Priced at $3,499, the Super Scooter comes with two tubeless tires with a self-repair seal inside to withstand punctures without leaking.


BPIX Four Led Backpack Biosled wants to give the users of this innovative backpack a different vibe from what typical backpacks do. 

  • BPIX Four Led Backpack expresses your personality as a whole with the dynamic display function, which, when turned on the hidden built-in screen of the backpack will light up. 
  • The designers of the BPIX Four Led say they use display panels with high-end, self-luminous RGB full-color Led lamp beads with a high resolution to display more explicit and more attractive pictures and animations. 
  • You can customize the text, pictures, and GIF animations to your choice, create themes that match your mood, and play them with the Led space app Control. 
  • The backpack has endless uses. It serves stylish personal purposes and attracts public attention to your business or for a campaign. 
  • The pix. Four Led backpack costs $269. 

5- Pixie Snapchat 

Pixie Snapchat has just revealed its first selfie drone called Pixie to give users shots or recordings with the best resolution. 

  • The portable device has cameras on the front and bottom to capture two seven K resolution videos and twelve-megapixel photos. 
  • users can apply some integrated effects with a USB C charging port. 
  • A user can record five to eight flights on a single charge and wirelessly transfer snaps captured to your Snapchat memories. Pixie costs $249.99.

6- Pearl

another functional device by Smart Solutions you know, it can be pretty frustrating to have your newly prepared coffee turning cold within a few minutes or your milkshake melting cool. 

  • Pearl was created to serve as an intelligent cooling and heating device for effective and rapid heat transfer. 
  • An assembly of world-class Peltier thermal electric silent semiconductor technology gives it the power to maintain your beverages at the perfect temperature without needing a refrigerator or heater. 
  • The engineers promised that the silicon non-slip tabletop ensures stable positioning, and the Airtight Silicone Cup lid guarantees 100% leakproof even when you hit bumps or potholes, putting vehicle owners into consideration. 
  • You can keep your beverages cool or warm even in the car. Priced at $49.

7- Smart basketball hoop

Cool Per is your perfect companion is a small basketball hoop that gives you the chance to play basketball indoors or outdoors and enjoy a more interactive and competitive gaming session with the first smart basketball hoop. 

  • The hoop comes with a high-definition screen that allows you to train like a pro with a series of training sessions made available for you. 
  • Despite being a small basketball hoop, the hoop is weatherproof to withstand adverse conditions both indoors and outdoors, and you can stream contents from your phone to the hoop with the help of a built-in sensor. 
  • The device also tracks all your activities on the court, including your shooting percentage switches, trajectory, position, agility, and others. Coop is priced at $3,995.

You can use the durable bag made of TPU laminated nylon to fetch water and hang the bag to access the purified water.

Available in two sizes, the strap on the bag makes it easy to transport around. Life Straw Mission comes with an ultrafiltration membrane to filter all forms of physical or microbial contamination in the water.

It also features a quick connect hose as well as an integrated backwash system to wash the bag when necessary. The replaceable membrane UltraFilter can purify up to 18,000 liters of water.

On your next adventure, you can be assured of drinking purified water with no risk. Life Straw Mission is approximated to cost $98.

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