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Social Media Trends in 2022

Social Media Trends in 2022

Social Media Trends in 2022

Social media constantly changes. But this year it’s different, and be prepared. Hey, everyone. Today we going to break down social media trends for 2022.

Now, one thing we want you to do is the biggest trend that you think is going to happen this year. Let me know. Leave a comment because of the trends, and then we can compare. 

Social Media Trends in 2022

It’s crazy how social media changes every year. I’ve seen platforms that get tons of engagement lose relevancy in a short period, like Snapchat. And I’ve also seen platforms like TikTok just explode in just a couple of years “social media trends for 2022”.


So let’s dive into the trends for 2022. Articles are going to even get shorter. Have you seen the thing called shorts? 

  • People don’t create shorts because they want to. They’re creating shorts because these platforms know that people love watching short 32nd or 1-minute videos. 
  • When you look at how successful TikTok videos have been, Instagram has come up with its version of that. It’s called Reals. 
  • HubSpot found that 64% of marketers plan to leverage more short-form videos in 2022. 
  • One of the reasons for that is that short-form videos are brief, engaging, digestible, and can be repurposed on many different social media channels like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and even LinkedIn, depending on your content. 

2- Social advertising

The social media ads trend for companies will need to make more sophisticated. 

  • Think about how many businesses are starting on social media every year just running ads, so you have an idea. 
  • Research conducted by Hootsuite shows that more than half 51.4 of the 18,000 markers they surveyed are planning to increase their social spending in 2022. 
  • You’ll have to get creative and differentiate your brand from the rest of the competition. 
  • Think of it this way. If you’re interrupting people on social media, you have to give them a good reason to listen to your message. 
  • It’s just like getting into a party and selling your product while everyone else there wants to have fun and talk and engage with each other. 
  • You’re trying to sell that’s hard with social ads. You’ll need to get super creative and stand out in 2022. 

3- Hire specialists

The companies will stop improvising with social media strategy and hiring specialists. 

  • Many companies underplayed the role of revenue generation. 
  • Most of them typically run their social media by a committee without a specific direction or strategy. 
  • Maybe it’s not even a committee, it’s one or two people. Or even worse, they get some generalists to run their social media marketing for them. 
  • Higher expectations today are the problem presented in social media profiles.
  • Meaningful interactions with brands. They want to be responded fast and efficiently. 
  • They almost always want to be able to call your company by phone or at least message someone by chat or text message. 

4- Diversity and omnichannel

Even another trend is platform diversity and omnichannel. It’s become harder and harder to rely just on one social platform. 

I should just be on Facebook. I should just be on YouTube and Twitter. And then I had to add LinkedIn and TikTok. 

This happened a while ago. Not really the other day, but when it happened, my team was like, oh yeah, we’re able to get your handle and we just started uploading videos to get us started and we’re going to tell you and surprise you for Christmas. 

I was like, oh cool, thanks. And then I started getting in there and re-engaging and just trying to boost it up. 

Yes, some networks like Tik, Tok, and LinkedIn give you great engagement. Over time, they all die down just like the ride. 

A survey conducted by HubSpot discovered that 64% of marketers currently are leveraging three to five different social media platforms. 

I’m even leveraging more than that. So it’s a trend that you can expect to continue over the coming years since you won’t be able to get all the amazing results that you used to get by just focusing on one channel. 

Social commerce is also a huge trend. Facebook now Meta conducted research that revealed that 81% of people say that Instagram helps them research products or services. 

That’s just one social network too. Imagine what happens with all the networks. Social networks are the second required channel for online brand research.

5- Shopping and networking

this trend is something that you can expect more and more in 2022 and beyond. Here’s another cool thing. Did you know home shopping, networking, and QVC remember those days back years and years ago you would watch the channel ringing the phone and buy the product? 

At least my mom did with those channels. And that concept of selling. Facebook now has it on that platform. 

You can go live and start selling tell people and running out of inventory, and start making sales there. 

That’s the power of social media. And you’re going to see more commerce happening on these social platforms versus people just going into your website.

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