Tuesday, July 16, 2024

How will the stock market move, and keep an eye on

stock market move

Share Market Today: Foreign investors sold shares worth Rs 1,706 crore, while domestic investors have bought shares.

There is a continuous bullish phase in the Indian stock market, Sensex rose for the fifth consecutive session and Nifty in the eighth consecutive session. On Thursday, August 18, the BSE Sensex closed at 60,298 points with a gain of 37 points, or 0.06 percent.

stock market move

NSE’s Nifty closed at 17,956 points with a gain of 12 points i.e. 0.07 percent. Nifty Bank also closed at 39,656 with a gain of 194 points.

Condition of foreign market

Dow Jones rose 0.06 percent on America’s Wall Street, while the Nasdaq rose 0.21 percent. The S&P 500 rose 0.23 percent while the Small Cap 2000 rose 0.71 percent.

In Friday’s session, Japan’s Nikkei rose 0.10 percent, Hang Seng 0.80 percent and China’s Shanghai market fell 0.06 percent.

At the same time, SGX Nifty is trading around 17,961 as of 8 am. There is a decline of 0.24 percent in this.

As per NSE data on August 17, foreign investors (FIIs) sold shares worth Rs 1,706 crore while domestic investors (DIIs) bought shares worth Rs 470.79 crore.

You can keep an eye on these shares

Some stocks have made headlines. For example, IT company Wipro has got a contract from HM Treasury for Service Integration and Management Services. HDFC Asset Management Company has bought a 0.4% equity stake in Max Healthcare Institute.

ICRA upgrades the long-term and short-term ratings of Greenpanel Industries. Talbros Engineering construction work on 2.2 acres of land in Faridabad. SecMark Consultancy said that its board will meet on August 23 to consider the proposal to issue bonus shares.

Therefore, on the last trading day of the week i.e. Friday, you can keep an eye on these stocks-

  • Wipro
  • Max Healthcare Institute
  • Greenpanel Industries
  • Talbros Engineering
  • SecMark Consultancy

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