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Kim Kardashian’s anti-makeup tutorial to “revenge” on her sister

Kim Kardashian's anti-makeup tutorial to "revenge" on her sister

Kim Kardashian’s anti-makeup tutorial to “revenge” on her sister

Kim Kardashian has responded on TikTok to Kylie Jenner’s complaints with a video in which she uses her sister’s products to apply anti-makeup.

As viewers of The Kardashians will have noticed, the family is betting big on integrated placement for all their products. And that now includes the TikTok challenges.

Kim Kardashian's anti-makeup tutorial to "revenge" on her sister

Kim Kardashian, for example, just used her sister Kylie Jenner’s makeup line in her latest video even though the result is anything but red-carpet-worthy… By the way!

There is a trend on TikTok (I’ve found videos using this sound/trend since 2021, so it’s not new) where users dress up and makeup to look “chav”.

In other words, they abuse bronzer and contouring as was popular in Britain in the 1990s. (Chewing gum is also important).

One version of the trend is to start with a “chav” look and then give yourself a makeover by removing your makeup and reapplying it, in a similar amount, just in a more current style.

The Kardashians’ take on the trend was to start with a clean face and then “key it up” using Kylie Jenner’s line of cosmetics.

A hint? Or a cunning means of getting under the FCC’s fraud guidelines?

Fans seemed to like Kim Kardashian’s humorous tone and her chav makeup, but comments on the video have since been disabled.

Seven hours before sharing the post on TikTok, Kardashian chose Kylie’s Glow Balm as her “favorite cream blush” via Instagram Stories, so we’re pretty sure the point is to sell rather than a hint. . A KarJenner will always be a KarJenner, that’s for sure.

The beauty mogul had just a few days previously shared pictures of herself wearing a bodysuit from her sister Kim’s Skims collection without tagging the company, which prompted Kim to encourage her to do so and Kylie to respond that she had to take the garment from his mother Kris’s house.

Well done, Kim and Ky! The interaction received far more press than it would have with just a hashtag.

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