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Shakira and Piqué are the same (same war, same forms)

Shakira and Piqué are the same

In this story of viral songs, witches, Casio watches and Twingo cars, there is only one truth: “killing oneself” in public is addictive, unstoppable, and always leaves a trace of sadness.

Barbara and Oliver Rose loved each other very much. But life, routine, or whatever the hell got in the way of their idyllic marriage, turning their once-peaceful mansion into a literal battlefield on which to throw furniture at each other’s heads.

The story ended like this: the ex-marriage hanging from a huge crystal chandelier finally fell to the ground and ended their lives.

Shakira and Piqué are the same

This wonderful metaphor perpetrated in the film La Guerra de Los Roses is today the best vehicle to understand what is happening between Shakira and Piqué or the latest example of a couple who loved each other as if they were going to forbid it, exhibited their love without modesty and ended up hating himself in public as well.

I mean, both of them are right now sitting on a chandelier suspended in the air. It is up to you to abandon the shiny ship before you fall or die with all glitter and luxury included.

It said that this sad story –deep down there is a deep sadness for what has been lost– began with the song full of poisoned darts that Shakira released a couple of days ago with the producer Bizarrap.

Others, however, go further and talk about jars of jam found in the fridge that served as unequivocal proof of infidelity that was suspected, like all others, but had been ignored until then.

Then the hordes of YouTubers arrived reacting (and recording themselves) while Shakira recounted what happened in the aforementioned topic or at least her version of the events.

He put names without putting them, and the surnames he kept just in case. we imagine that on the advice of his lawyers, a few days later he placed a sinister witch on the balcony of his house looking in the direction of the mansion that Piqué built for his parents just next.

The mother-in-law, the mother-in-law, the mother-in-law. She had to leave the mother-in-law, of course. And the youngest lover, the wealth, and the resilience of a Shakira that is pure steel, and she says she has become tougher.

As Piqué and Shakira were born on the same day (February 2) but ten years apart, those windy outbursts that characterize the Colombian singer are just as frequent in the ex-soccer player who was neither short nor lazy announced just a few days ago that Casio the watch with which his ex compares his current girlfriend – would sponsor his latest project (King’s League), although the firm has distanced itself from the matter and has claimed to be “neutral”.

Immediately afterward, he gave a Casio to everyone present who, like good network workers, shouted, cheered, and overreacted to an art that is already a trade.

He did it sprawled in an armchair, with his usual cockiness and knowing that it would go viral. He wasn’t as bad as the song but he was close. And worst of all, more windy starts are predicted in the coming months. Same day of birth but ten years apart.

If we review what happened, it is more for us than for you. Having a clear opinion about it is a national vice that nevertheless requires some reflection, the passing of days, and at least a few hours of empathy.

Who hasn’t loved much and then hated more? 

Not only Rose, Shakira, and Piqué know about this. We have all had our hearts broken in any way. 

We have all been hurt by someone we loved whoever claims otherwise lies a lot and, worst of all, lies to himself.

The singer and the footballer have gone too far and this is a circus, and they could already have bitten language, If you are going through a difficult personal moment, amen Shakira and amen Piqué. matter of perspective.

It is impossible to opt for a side in this war story, the worst of all in fact, the one led by those who had never hated each other before, quite the opposite.

Shakira and Piqué were programmed, almost destined, to love each other. That was what her natal charts said, her windy character and her lack of shame when expressing her love in public.

Shakira going crazy in the box at Camp Nou, Piqué dancing to the latest hit from her girl. He doesn’t do that much of it. Not twenty years.

And it’s sad. It is sad that everything ends like this, that both try to “kill” each other with the same weapons, that they have lost perspective of themselves and where they are, and that what they feel has once again won over what they think and they have ended up televising a break that if anything should have been being private.

What they have done is neither good nor bad, it is just sad. As much as ending up on the ground surrounded by glass when you knew you were going to fall.

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